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Out and About Cece Winans Concert

Out and About Cece Winans Concert

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Out and About CeCe Winans Concert

As we arrived at the House of Hope in Chicago, IL., it was a very gloomy and rainy day outside. However, the inside temperature was just right because it was about to heat up with performances by opening act Christian Comedian Stephon, Walt Whitman and the Soul Children and Gospel Sensation Cece Winans!

Media passes in hand…Trayce Fox, Kiecha Lacey and I are in the media room awaiting and interviews to conduct for WGSJBC Smooth 90.5 FM HD radio.

The setting of the stage was draped in sponsorship banners and projected imagery. Radio, television, Internet outlets were reserved. While the main point of it all was to create awareness for heart disease, stroke and early detection, everyone was waiting with anticipation for the performances.

IMG_0640-2Christian comedian Stephon was so funny that he had NBC news anchorman Art Norman holding his stomach with laughter. Anytime a comedian can have the audience thinking and agreeing to what actually goes on in their own churches, it is something to see with a room full of laughter.


IMG_0714-2After busting our stitches with good clean comedy, Walt Whitman and the Soul Children
made the stage rumble with so much energy and high praise. Does this talented man ever
get tired? The large audience was so involved in all of their song selections and clapped
and danced in the aisles as they knew every word to the inspirational songs. Their amazing dance movements were so riveting and contagious that even the media folks had to join in!


Then when the infamous Cece Winans took the stage, all heaven broke loose! Her voice and smile are so infectious that everyone in the room was filled with the spirit. With songs like “Alabaster Box” and “Throne Room”, this gospel sensation is bound to bring the Holy Spirit onto any stage as she sings for the Lord. Her voice is amazing!


20150425_220418-1-2We also got a chance to have a conversation with CeCe Winans backstage. Let me just tell you that she is truly an anointed woman of God. She was so inspiring and loving to everyone that was in her presence. With her loving spirit and ageless appearance, she and her music will always be that song that lifts you up and reconnects you with nothing but positive takeover and God’s mercy. It was Tracey’s will that made sure we were the last faces CeCe encountered!



Don’t forget to FAST… the steps of what to check for in case someone is having a stroke:

  • Face drooping, ask to smileFAST
  • Arm weakness
  • Speech difficulty
  • Time to call 911